Paper Camp

By | Julie Ann Art | 6 Comments

Paper Camp was fantastic. With a focus on wholesale, the National Stationery Show, and sales reps, I knew this conference would be exactly what I needed. It was so informative and helpful….

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Own It

By | Inspiration | 21 Comments

A couple weeks ago I was browsing Instagram (addicted. help.) and a post from Freshly Picked stuck with me. She mentioned how she used to downplay her business when people…

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By | Daily Life | 12 Comments

I somehow stumbled upon my old Livejournal yesterday. Did you have one? For me, the Livejournal trend started in high school, maybe junior year? I remember this girl wrote a…

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By | Daily Life | 7 Comments

Pouch c/o Gussy Sews (free shipping on all domestic orders!) Dress c/o Fleet Collection Shoes: Target Lately I’ve been: A stress case. Dude. Wedding planning ain’t easy. And we’re on…

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By | Uncategorized | 17 Comments

Lately I’ve been thinking about time. It’s going by so fast. I’m scared I’m going to miss something. I remember worrying about July. I had two Renegade shows and I…

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By | Julie Ann Art | 24 Comments

Sometimes I wonder…what if I never started this blog? How different would my life be? What would I be doing today? Right now, I’m sitting outside writing this blog post in…

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By | Julie Ann Art | 7 Comments

If you follow my friend Dana over at The Wonder Forest, you may have seen this blog post where she discusses readers reactions to certain posts. More specifically, readers seemed more…

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