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Five Facts Friday

Five Facts Friday

TGIF! I’m really looking forward to this weekend…..friends, the beach, and a DIY project I’m excited to share with you guys! But first, it’s time for Five Facts Friday!

1.) Give me a dark room, a flashlight and a camera and I’m amused for way too long. I blame my painting with light photography assignment in college.

2.) 10 years of driving and I have never gotten pulled over. (knock on wood?) And this is not because I don’t speed.

3.) The only drink I ever order at a bar is rum and coke. Bacardi, please.

4.) I have scoliosis and wore a back brace throughout high school. As a teen girl who wanted to wear cute clothes, it was really hard on me.

5.) I kind of love line dancing. Now, before you judge, you must know that when I lived in Michigan my friends and I went to a country bar called Coyote Joes (think Coyote Ugly with a little bit of class). I’m not a country girl, I don’t own a cowboy hat, but we sure ran that dance floor. I miss those nights.

Happy Friday!

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  • kristanlynn says:

    OH how I miss Coyote Joes!!! Thursday nights just aren’t the same. LOL

  • Janet says:

    I’m not the slightest bit country but I had a great time when I went line dancing many moons ago!

  • Julia says:

    That is the coolest photo thing ever! And, I love line dancing too…OK ANY dancing. Thanks for sharing. This is a fun post. Happy Weekend!

  • Katie says:

    Light painting is seriously one of the most entertaining things in the world.

  • rosieposie says:

    this post is such fun!!! x

  • i discovered your blog from little chief honeybee and i have to say i love your work!

    i love exploring with light photography! but i must say that sparklers are my favourite to use.

    i work as a school photographer and i hate how the world has become so accustomed to digital, my dream is to create my own darkroom in my home one day so i can just play for my own benefit all day. :]

    you are one lucky lady never getting pulled over, you have some serious ninja talent going on.

    i usually only order jack and coke, but rum & coke is my second favourite.

    <3 i am definitely following through bloglovin now!

  • Kellyscrafts says:

    I too loved the photo. I’ve never seen light photography before, it’s really interesting. Saw that you joined our group on Etsy and wanted to check out your blog. Good job!

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