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Celebrating Ten Years

It has been over ten years now, since I told my friends I was going to open an Etsy shop and name it Julie Ann Art. Ten years since I was painting each individual card I sold in my bedroom at my mom’s house. Ten years since I was hand-writing the address on every package I sent. Ten years since I was promoting my little card shop using Myspace. Ten years since turning my hobby into my full-time job was a dream that seemed so unattainable I didn’t dare consider it.

Ten years since I accidentally started the journey into entrepreneurship.

My business began unintentionally. There was no plan, there were no goals outside of having fun. I was winging it, relaxed, casual, oblivious to the fact that I had taken the first steps towards becoming a full-time small business owner.

With the help of repeat customers, bragging friends, and (well) fun products, Julie Ann Art has organically grown under the name I so casually gave it over a few rum and cokes with friends. And while that name will always make me feel a sense of pride, it’s time to give this business a name that better represents what it has become over the past ten years.

This brand is bold, honest, shameless. It is improper, yet feminine. It does not apologize.

It is Unblushing.

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