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Personal Goals for 2018

I’m in a weird place right now. Obviously it’s very transitional (in case you missed it, we moved), and I’m sure that has some effect on my current state, but in general, I have been looking for new goals, more purpose, etc. I guess my sense of feeling lost for a while now has me trying to find a sense of direction. I thought making a set of goals for 2018 (and putting them out in public so you guys can hold me to them) would help get me on the right track.

1.) Be more plastic-conscious.

This is my #1 goal for 2018 (but would like to make it a lifestyle forever). The more I learn about how the way we live is effecting our planet, the more I want to do my small part to help it (Hence, the inspiration for our Because Oceans tote).

I consider myself a pretty environmentally-conscious person in general, but yet there are so many things that I purchase that are packaged in plastic/plastic wrap. Shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant, basically ALL makeup. I mean, almost everything. And when I think about how most humans are doing the exact same thing, and how all that plastic never GOES anywhere… except the ocean.

So not only do I bring multiple tote bags grocery shopping, but I also bring netted bags to put produce in (seriously, why did those plastic bags for individual produce ever become a thing!). Even if I forget my netted bags I still don’t use the plastic bags they have for produce.

When I order a drink I say no straw now (when I remember… it is taking some getting used to) and have stocked up on a few sets of reusable straws to use at home for smoothies or on the road in my tumbler. (Love these straws that bend) So, I’ll be saying no to straws, as well as paying more attention to the packaging of my purchases.

2.) Repurpose what I have, rather than buying new.

I love throwing shit out. I could never be a hoarder. But perhaps that makes me more wasteful than I want to be. So lately I’ve started looking at things I don’t love or use, and try to give it a new purpose. For example, I am a candle whore, and recently repurposed some of my candle containers into little jars for bathroom organization (to hold things like makeup brushes and cotton balls).. a great alternative to buying something new (albeit, cute) from Target. This not only stops me from accumulating more shit I don’t REALLY need, and also saves me money.

3.) No unnecessary clothing purchases.

I said it. I fucking said it. No frivolous clothes shopping in 2018. And this is saying a lot because I have sold or donated a LOT in the last few months in preparation for moving. The amount of clothes that get thrown out each year is insane (watch this documentary!) and I want to stop contributing to that. It is also a matter of focusing on want vs. need. If I have a special occasion, or find myself without a certain article of clothing (having moved into a different climate!) my plan is to shop second-hand, or borrow. And yes, this goal is going to be hard AF.

Looking at these three points, sounds like my overall goal for 2018 is to use, accumulate and waste LESS. I don’t know if this stemmed from the recent packing up our entire lives again, or if I’m just becoming more aware of how much waste I create, and what actually happens to it. Either way, I feel excited to pursue these goals (maybe not the clothing one so much, but I’m going to try damnit!) for the year, and always.

What do you think of these goals? Did you make any for yourself this year?


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  • erika says:

    love these goals! <3

    And I need to get some netted bags… currently I just don't use the but I feel like I kind of want to corral my apples or whatever other produce sometimes…

  • I think your number 1 goal of being conscious of all the plastic we use is mine also and I think it should be on everyone’s list. There’s too much use of plastic everywhere and we drastically need to cut down on its use.

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