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We’re Moving (again!)

We’re moving back to California! I know, I know, kinda crazy. But it’s happening and we’re excited (still feels a bit surreal)! I’ve learned how important an inspiring environment is for Jordan and I, since we both work in creative fields. I hope this move motivates us, and gives us a refreshing start to the next chapter of our lives. And the beach doesn’t hurt either. ;]

In a couple weeks we’ll be closing shop to pack up and drive across the country to our next home. In the meantime, we’re hoping you will help lighten our load a bit. ;] (Because seriously, I’m worried everything is not going to fit in our pod.)

Today you can shop our SALE section to get up to 50% off select items! Some items are very low in stock and won’t return when we reopen so best to snag what you’ve been eyeing now!

To keep up with our cross-country adventure, follow me on Instagram.

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