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Our First Collaboration Line

I’m so excited about the release of our first collaboration line! I designed a collection of pregnancy and parenthood cards with Leslie Anne Bruce, the author and founder of modern mama platform, Unpacified. Leslie and I were introduced in a group DM on Instagram by our friend Hannah (co-founder of The Little Market), who thought our senses of humor would be a good match. After one look at Leslie’s Instagram feed, I knew this collaboration was something I wanted to pursue. First of all, her irreverently honest voice on motherhood is refreshing and I knew it would be a seamless fit for Unblushing. And secondly, cards pertaining to pregnancy and parenthood are ones I sometimes struggle with, having not gone through that life experience myself.

Leslie and I met for lunch, hit it off, brainstormed, and worked together on a line of “real talk” mom cards. The kind of cards that Leslie wished she had received as a new mom, the kind of cards that I can’t wait to give to my newly pregnant friends.

I hope you love this collection (view the full line here) and use it to offer support to new moms (and dads!), not just for Mother’s Day, but any day!

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