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My good friends Cynthia and Kurt are getting married in February. Etch is shooting their wedding and I’m really excited because it’s at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and that place is awesooome. This weekend I shot some photos for them to use on their wedding website.
I was kinda nervous. Although my degree is in photography, it has been a long time since I have taken photos of people (lately it feels like it’s been food or crafts or Penny). But they were really cute so it made the job pretty easy.

It’s funny, I remember the day of my college orientation when I realized people already knew what they wanted to do in life, what courses they wanted to take. I picked photojournalism as a major because I had taken photography all through-out high school and it was something I liked. Even though photography is no longer my job, I still am really thankful that I had that background and training. It makes taking product photos and blog photos a lot easier.

We celebrated J’s 30th birthday over here this weekend so I am playing catch-up a bit. Sometimes work just has to get put on hold for a sec, ya know? What about you? How was your weekend? xo JA

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