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Sponsor Spotlight: Happee Monkee

You  may remember Mable, of the Happee Monkee, from her yummy French Chocolate Cake guest post! Today she is here to share a bit of who she is and what she does (which appears to be a lot of traveling and that makes me so jealous!) 

Hello! I’m the snappy happy photographer behind Happee Monkee. I’m also a travel journalist and food blogger, in fact, photography was born from the marriage of these two passions. I’m a restless monkey and I am so blessed to be able to pick up my camera and photograph some of the world’s most beautiful spots with my best mate (my husband)

My workspace varies depending on the location. I have been to Kiruna, Sweden which in my personal view is one of the most fascinating places in the world. When I’m not traveling, my favourite work space is by the dining table around mid-afternoon when the sun is shining through. My neighbours probably think I’m an oddball but I’ve learned to be pretty thick skinned by now.
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**P.S. The winner of last week’s giveaway was announced here.**

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