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Etsy Craft Party

Last Friday I went to my first Etsy Craft Party with my friend Nikki! It was held at Creative Outlet Studios, a rentable work space for artists and crafters who need a little extra room to create.

Nikki and I did almost every craft station. They had screen printing, weaving, embroidering, etc etc. All kinds of craft goodness. It brought me to the conclusion that….I should stick to illustrations. My woven “wall art” didn’t get much past “coaster” status. But it was fun! We got to chow down on some delicious waffles and also go to catch up with Melyssa and Naadine of Great Over Good (remember the fun interview I did with them?!)

All in all, a fun, unique way to spend a Friday evening. I would do it again! Did you do anything fun this weekend? xo JA

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  • ALICE says:

    I wish I could go to something like this, looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

    This weekend I just tried to stay cool, it’s sooooo hot out!

  • Venassa says:

    That looks like a lot of fun! Sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger city that did stuff like this.

  • Dawn says:

    Oh my gosh, that looks like it was a ton of fun! There was a similar event here in Indy last Friday, for “First Friday.” Homespun (which is our local store that sells handmade goods/local artist creations) had an evening where you could come out and craft things and make cards and all that. I’m sad to have missed it!

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