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Kombucha Wine Spritzer Recipe by The Skinny Confidential

**Hi friends! I’m currently in Australia, swimming with sea turtles and singing at the Opera House. In the meantime, please show some love to this week’s fun guest bloggers! I’ll be home soon (hopefully with a kangaroo in my possession.)**
“Hi pretties! Not going to lie, I am pretty excited to be a guest blogger on Julie Ann’s fabulous, crafty blog. First, let me introduce myself, I’m Lauryn Evarts, creator of The Skinny Confidential. It’s a blog that is all about diet modifications, healthy food substitutions, and easy, quick workout tips. The site is all about having your cake, and eating it too! I also have a store with tons of girly, fun trinkets. Check it out here!
Let’s be clear: I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to drink. I just do a delicious, healthy way. Since the weekend is around the corner, I figured these Kombucha Wine Spritzers would be a perfect cocktail to share. It’s low on sugar, calories, and totally yummy. I just recently made this drink recipe for friends and they fell in love immediately. My favorite Kombucha is the guava flavor [ the pink one ; ) ].
6 ounces of Pinot Grigio [ I like this one ]
3 ounces of a Kombucha tea [ Trilogy is my favorite ]
3 large ice cubes
1 squeeze of lemon

Pour white wine over ice. Add Synergy Kombucha of your choice. Squeeze lemon. Throw in a few berries for an added pop of color. Paper pixy stick straws are found here. Cheers!

Side note: everyone will want a taste; my chihuahua, Pixy, is always trying to get a lick of whatever I am drinking & this happens to be her choice cocktail too.

This weekend you’ll find me sweating it out, relaxing, and enjoying one of these bad boys. I mean who doesn’t love drinking extra nutritional benefits with their wine?!”

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