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Homemade Popsicle Recipes

While I am in the final days of preparing for Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in L.A. (who’s coming?!) I have my sponsor, Aukele, here to share a few tasty popsicles for you to try out on these hot summer days we’ve been having! Here she is:
“Whats cookin’ JAA peeps!  I’m Aukele, I run a salt shop over at Uncle Bob’s Salts (15% off with the code JULIEANNART) dedicated to my dad, Uncle Bob!!  I also have a personal blog at 91 dash.  I should have been knocking on wood in late June – bragging about how lovely the weather has been this summer in Hawaii.  Little did I know it would be as hot as Hades the first week of July!  
Enter summer popsicles here!  I’ve enjoyed seeing all the different flavor combinations in blogland and wanted to create some of mine own to share with you!  Lately I’ve been on a health kick and have been really trying to incorporate a clean and fresh diet into my lifestyle.  Today we’re doing two flavor combos – Straw-Melon Balsamic and Tropical Green Tea.
We’re gonna use (what I like to call) the triple P popsicle method.
1. PUREE your fruit/ingredients
2. POUR the puree into the molds
3. POP the molds into your freezer
Get it? Got it?  Good. Easy peasy, right?
Straw-Melon Balsamic Pops
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup of watermelon
Sweetener to taste (I like honey!)
2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar

I had a strawberry balsamic vinegar on hand – so I was lucky enough to use that!

Tropical Green Tea Pops
2 cups of tropical frozen fruit
1 cup of brewed green tea
Sweetener to taste (again, I like honey!)

For the tropical fruit, I use a mix from Target that has banana, mango, papaya and peach. [FREEBIE: frozen fruits are equally, if not more nutritous than fresh fruits because frozen fruits are picked at it’s peak ripeness and flash frozen to preserve all of its nutrients – opposed to a mango sitting on a boat to Hawaii from Mexico] So I wouldn’t lose the tea flavor amidst the fruit, I brewed a strong (3 tea bag) cup!

Again, use the three P popsicle method: Puree, Pour, Pop!
*its okay if your puree is chunky, it gives the popsicle character!

Thanks Julie for having me! Here’s to keeping cool this summer (and keepin it popsicle fresh!)
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