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Pouch c/o Gussy Sews (free shipping on all domestic orders!)
Shoes: Target
Lately I’ve been:

A stress case. Dude. Wedding planning ain’t easy. And we’re on step one here people.
Singing Christmas songs thanks to the holiday line I’m trying to put together.
Trying to find an outfit for the launch party I’m attending for The Little Market on Thursday.
Getting excited for a pumpkin carving party we’re throwing this weekend.
Trying to throw together a costume with J. Last minute. We feel like failures.
Contemplating dying my hair. I think it’s time to retire my red streak. Thoughts?
Getting amped for craft show season. Stay tuned for dates and locations!
Trying to start my Christmas shopping. I alwayssss wait till the last minute. Oops.
What about you? Busy lately?
xo JA

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