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Australia Trip Video

I’m so excited to share this video today! When Jordan showed it to me I literally smiled the entire time watching it. It was just such an amazing experience and he did such a good job with the editing. My talented bub! I’m so proud of him and his videography business! (Can I brag about him a little?) :]

Seriously can we just go back there?
I love that we have these fun sneak peeks of our lives. My dad always had a video camera while I was growing up. Of course it was the size of a baby kangaroo and he had to lug it around on his shoulder, but still, it did the job. My friends and I would put on “dance shows” (that is the fancy term for “running around in circles, yelling”).
Now we will always have these memories to look back on. So special! Guess we will have to take another vacation and do some more sweet stuff. You reading this J? :]
You can also check out the video of our Hawaii trip here.
See you tomorrow with a nomnom recipe post! xo JA

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