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The Day I Launched My New Website

The day of the website launch I woke up around 7AM. I knew my scheduled newsletter was going out to my subscribers in just an hour so I shot out of bed in a way that I only do when something exciting is happening. It’s kind of like a kid on Christmas morning type feeling.

I fed Penny (feel free to visit that link if you ever wondered how obsessed I am with my dog) and made some coffee before checking my e-mail. That is when I realized the orders were already coming in. And the issues were already starting!


I knew there was bound to be some hiccups on Day 1. That is just to be expected. Does this mean I didn’t worry? No. Of course I worried. Shit, I’m still worried. I worry all the time over everything. That’s another topic all on it’s own.


I had a couple issues with coupon codes not working and credit cards being found “fraudulent”. The good news is that I have awesome customers who were totally understanding of the minimal hiccups and they got sorted out quickly.

Some of you have asked what platform I am using. My site is a WordPress blog with a WooCommerce plug-in. This baby has a LOT going on and I am still figuring it all out (Ex: how the eff to get the comments to stop showing up directly on my blog page). Not to mention working with a new credit card processor and a new shipping label program. I have learned a lot the past few months we have been “testing” but there is still so much capability that I need to start to utilize. Baby steps I suppose. But HEY, IT’S LIVE!!

One hiccup I have not been able to fix yet is getting this new blog all set up correctly in blog readers. If you normally follow this blog using Bloglovin, I would recommend following this feed instead. I’m trying to get my current followers switched over but I’ve been having a hell of time getting any response from them (Bloglovin customer service, are you there??).

Basically, if you want to follow along I suggest updating my blog in your readers (Feedly link here). I knew that making the switch to a new site would potentially cost me the followers I had gained over the years but it was just a risk I had to take. I know this website is best for my business and I can’t wait to utilize this blog once again (Hold me to that, seriously)! And please let me know if you’re having any troubles seeing my posts.

In conclusion: website launch went well, a couple hiccups as to be expected, working out the kinks and feeling good! :]

Have you launched a new website recently? Or still contemplating? I would love to talk pros and cons with you! xo JA

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  • Devin says:

    Julie! Your new site is Awesome! I LOVE your design. I’ve got Squarespace, so I can do as little as possible coding or any other kind of web stuff (it frightens me). But, I’m always changing my website design because I feel like it’s not quite “me” yet and being a designer who’s website isn’t designed well kills me, lol. But, it’s slowly getting there.

  • Jenny says:

    I’m working on a new website design now and considering wordpress with woocommerce. One question I have though, is why did you decide to sell on your own site and on etsy? I’m planning on doing the same but weighing the pros and cons.

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