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Time For Yourself

It was on the way back from my trip to the post office yesterday that I realized I should probably stop at the grocery store. Our kitchen has been so bare. We’ve been eating out for weeks. I really don’t remember the last time we cooked. Thanksgiving?

And it’s not just cooking that has been put on the back burner lately. Cleaning. Blogging. Showering?!
Is it me or has this holiday season been extra crazy in the handmade world? It’s pretty incredible, no? I really think the handmade movement is catching fire more and more.
I see sellers closing shops to catch up on orders. I see sellers announcing shop closing dates for the holiday. I see a lull in the blogging world as we all struggle to keep up with our shop work.
What is so meaningful to me is the fact that sellers are still making sure to take time for themselves. They are taking a step back from their shop , whether it’s to catch up on orders, take a break, enjoy the holiday, etc. That is so so important for sellers to do and I don’t think we do it enough.
The truth is “vacation mode” can be scary for sellers (well, for me at least). There’s the fear of missing out on sales. There’s the fear of a slow shop once it’s reopened.
Having an online business is demanding. As sellers, we can be faced with irrational requests or expectations that, quite frankly, stress us the eff out. We work hard, and sometimes we are too hard on ourselves.
It is not easy to feel constant pressure to do well,  please all customers, create new things, promote said things. It is not easy to have the work.never.stop.
We deserve a break.
When I started seeing announcements about shops closing, or sale cut-off dates, I wanted that too. I wanted to be able to go a few days without having to process orders. I wanted to have the time to focus on other things.
So, on a slight whim, we booked a quick trip to Maui over New Years. (eek!)
Will work still be on my mind? Yes. Will I still work in others ways? I’m sure. But the point will be to get away, relax, daydream, rejuvenate and get inspired all over again before Valentine’s Day season starts. It could easily be a bad business decision to leave town right before my busiest time of year, but right now I just feel like….I need this. I need this time for myself.

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  • Franchesca says:

    Oh Julie Ann! Good for you!!!! I hope you enjoy Maui like crazy! And yes that vacation mode is scary stuff, but oh, so freeing!!!

    Thanks for voicing what so many of us feel! I have no doubt your shop will be on fire when you reopen 🙂


  • I fear closing my shop, too, for a vacation… but we definitely need it! I hope you have a wonderful & relaxing time in Maui… it’s my absolute favorite place on Earth!

    “As sellers, we can be faced with irrational requests or expectations that, quite frankly, stress us the eff out.” Oh Lord, every.stinkin’.day!

  • When things get dicey here at my little online shop, I try to remember that some times in the summer had me wondering if people were out there. So I buck up & remember that this too will pass. Maui sounds like an amazing celebration of all your holiday hard work!

  • Aukele says:

    Hold the phone… you’re coming to my state, but not my island??????? BBBBOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No – but oh enjoy 🙂 I hope it is filled with sunshine for you! One week we’re on with the sun, the next week – not so much!! 🙂 Well deserved Julie! Well deserved 🙂

  • Jaclyn says:

    Amen, sister. Last xmas, I got so overwhelmed I closed up shop. I told myself I’d plan better this year so I wouldn’t have to do that, and I haven’t — but I’ve also been clear about my shipping times, and I’ve been SURE to enjoy myself when I’ve wanted. If I started to turn down fun xmas activities, I’d start to resent my shop.

    How romantic to plan an impromptu trip to Maui!! Enjoy! (Is it terrible that I’m like, go get married barefoot in the sand??? That was so my dream. I lost. It was cool, I loved my wedding, but barefoot in the sand was and always has been the I-Do’s I wanted.)

  • Ruth says:

    HI Julie Ann, Just discovered your work/blog/shop through Etsy 🙂 I’m also a seller on there, starting out really, and I just had to shut for a month before christmas unfortunately to move house etc. But I can relate to this whole post. It’s spot on! and as you say – really exciting to see the way Handmade is taking off in a big way! Have a wonderful relaxing time away and come back full of ideas 🙂 Ruth from Blue Eggs and Tea xx

  • You do deserve a break, you work so hard! I’ve also noticed that customers are getting more demanding from handmade businesses too which I don’t know how I feel about that but we can leave that discussion for another time. 😉

  • Oh girl! I feel you! I’m taking a little over a week off for the Christmas/New Year’s (which happens to be my birthday) and I’m working like mad right up until the day we leave. I’m so excited to have a little break. Like so excited. I feel like everything hurts and there is this constant exhausted feeling that doesn’t seem to let up. The time away is important and it’s also ok not to be glued to answering conversations and filling orders. Plus we’ll be all refreshed to tackle what’s next when we return and that will be a nice thing. Have a wonderful holiday and mini vacation!

  • Damn! This is on my bucket list for 2014. For real. Good for you guys.
    Take a little engagement-moon.
    Oh yeah…..
    Whoa… sorry. But you know. Get on it.

    Again, Sorry.
    I may be drinking tonight. haha.

  • Dawn says:

    Sometimes, you just need time to reset! I hope that your trip over New Year’s does just that! How exciting! I’m curious to hear about your time there. How long are you guys going to be gone? You’ll always be able to jump right back into work the moment you’re back. Anyway, I wish you wonderful, stress-free Christmas holiday! Merry Christmas, Julie!

  • Yanxia Luo says:

    Just came to say “Happy New Year”, wish you guys have a wonderful holiday!

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