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Jordan is going to be out of town this weekend and I have about 25 things on my To Do list for when he’s gone. But, one of the fun things on the list is shopping! I haven’t been shopping in SO long, and while I enjoy it, I’m sort of the worst shopper ever. I always want to branch out in my wardrobe but always end up flocking to the same style threads. My closet is filled with “basic” and I’m bored with it. I’ve decided to skip the mainstream mall and check out three little shops near our house.

For some shopping inspiration, I’ve been online window shopping. I do buy clothing online a lot but half of the time the item doesn’t fit me right. And half of THAT time I don’t take the time to package the item back up and take it to the post office where I’d have to pay for more shipping to get some money back. So basically, I’m going to try to avoid that scenario in the future. However, it doesn’t help that I’ve been on the Ruche website for the past hour and somehow there are now items in my cart totaling hundreds of dollars….

But seriously, how pretty is their Lookbook? I’m dying over so many of these!
Just gorgeous! Wish me luck this weekend! That is if I don’t get suckered into purchasing what’s in my current Ruche shopping cart…

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