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How to Steam Your Face at Home

Steaming your face is a great way to better cleanse your imperfections. The steam opens up the pores and softens the skin, giving your face wash easier access to the dirt and oil that could be trapped. I love the feel of steaming my face. I do it when my skin is giving me problems, but you can do it up to twice a week.
Boil a pot of water. Remove the pan from heat. Add herbs such as rosemary, mint, thyme or chamomile for a refreshing scent. Place your face over the pot and put a towel over your head to trap the steam. This should not be uncomfortable so if it’s too hot, move further away from the pot. The steam will disappear after about 10 minutes. Wash your face as normal. This is also a great time to put on a face mask if you use them.
No fancy equipment needed! Use ingredients from your kitchen and give yourself a steam facial in the privacy of your own home. Jordan managed to snap a shot of me doing this at our kitchen table….but I didn’t think that photo was necessary! ;] Happy pampering!

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