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Artist Feature + Giveaway: Jobozarth

The winner of last week’s giveaway is #1 out of 150!! Congratulations to It’s Just Me! Look out for an e-mail from Rebecca!

T H I S   W E E K ‘ S   G I V E A W A Y


Today, Jo Bozarth is giving a lucky reader one of her super fun Wee Wee Dance prints from her Etsy shop! I would totally hang this print on my bathroom door. It’s definitely my style, simple but quarky! I’m happy I got the chance to interview Jo because I learned we have a lot in common!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a born and bred Californian who currently lives in Los Angeles. On most days, I can be found on a hiking trail with caffeine in one hand, and my dog’s leash in the other. Of course, he’s at the other end of that leash. 🙂 I share an apartment with my boyfriend, Avi, and my dog, Fernando. Avi and I adopted him a little over a year ago, and he is just the bee’s knees!

Aside from drawing in 13 hour marathon sessions (I’m a little nutty that way) I am currently acting in a web series and having a blast playing a very sassy, very empowered love god who lives in modern times. If you have few minutes and are looking for some online entertainment, please pop on over to Cupid and Eros and check it out!

How did you get into making art?
My mom says I was drawing before I could walk or talk. On most days that still holds true, at least until I’ve had my morning coffee! I began college as a graphic design major, but soon discovered that I was not good at following the rules as far as my art was concerned. I eventually graduated with a degree in psychology. Even so, I never stopped doing what I love (drawing) and doing it in a way that was satisfying to me.

Shh..I’m Reading print.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
When I’m not working, I’m usually hiking, watching classic or foreign films (I love anything Almodovar), trying to play my guitar (the operative word there is trying), or listening to jazz records while concocting something in the kitchen. I don’t do meat or dairy of any kind, so if you have any fun veggie recipes, send them my way! 🙂

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