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DIY Washi Tape Holder

I have acquired quite the washi tape collection lately. I like to seal my shop orders with it to add some extra cuteness. I bought the majority of my collection from Pretty Tape but I also recently picked up a pack from Target’s new office supply line (4 rolls for $4!). As my collection kept growing I was having a hard time keeping it all organized. I put together this handy tape holder this weekend.
I bought a wood dowel for a a couple bucks at Home Depot. I considered getting wood for the base while I was at Home Depot but I thought it would be easy to find something to re-use, rather than getting something brand new. I went to the thrift store and kept my eyes out for coasters, a small decorative plate, or you could even use a lid to a mason jar. The possibilities are really endless. I found a set of coasters for $1.49. We actually needed new coasters anyways so I bought the set and used one of them for the base.
Since the base that I found was wood I ended up using a flat-headed screw to attach the base to the dowel (Jordan helped!). If the base you find is not wooden you could use a strong glue to attach it. Once assembled, I chose to spray paint it white, since the two woods I was using didn’t match in color.
Now my tape stays nice and organized and doesn’t take up a lot of space! I looove getting more organized because trust me, my office doesn’t always look like this. If you have any other easy tips please share!

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