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Blackberry Bramble Recipe

This weekend we went to a Speak Easy! Have you ever been? It’s basically a 20s themed joint where girls dress up as flappers and transport back to the Golden Age. And let me tell you….the drinks?? Divine. Classy. Delicious. We were instantly inspired to try our hand at recreating these tasty treats. The Blackberry Bramble was a classic drink in the Prohibition Era. Ready?
What you’ll need:
1 Shot of gin
1 Lime
7 Blackberries
1 1/2 Simple syrup
4-6 oz Club soda
Crushed ice
Muddle the blackberries and add to serving glass. Add crushed ice, juice of the lime, gin, and simple syrup. Then top it off with the club soda. I like to add more muddled blackberries at the top too. :] Enjoy!

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