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It is really taking me by surprise how gracious and friendly the blogging community is. Whether I host a giveaway, sponsor a giveaway, or win a giveaway, I’ve been getting all kinds of sweet thank you’s in the mail. It’s so heartwarming!

Yesterday, I received the cutest package from Jo, this week’s giveaway sponsor. It had such a sweet note inside, along with my very own copy of the Wee Wee Dance Party print that’s she’s also giving away to one lucky Julie Ann Art reader this week. I was so excited, I immediately hung it up in my bathroom. It looks perfect! Don’t forget to leave a comment here for a chance to win one of your very own!

Special thanks to the following for going out of your way to show your appreciation: JoBozarth, SoapDeliNews, LennyMud, Cuore, OurCrazyBusyBunch

Now if you are a facebook fan of Julie Ann Art, you have already heard about this next part. But I wanted to share it with my blog readers, as you support Julie Ann Art too.

“This page started out with a few fans, all friends of mine, and I can’t believe how much its grown outside of that. It’s very special to me that people I don’t know are also supportive of what I do. In appreciation, I created a Discount Page that can be seen by fans ONLY (fancy right?). Take advantage of this coupon code at check out in my shop. The link to the code is in the left column of this page. THANK YOU!”

If you are a fan of my Etsy shop but haven’t become a facebook fan yet, make sure to grab the discount code from facebook before ordering!

Again, I can’t express my appreciation enough. My dreams are coming true and that wouldn’t be possible without your support. xo JA

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