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The JJ Wed in Instagrams

Well friends, we’re married! J and I had the most amazing weekend. I know I’m biased but seriously, best wedding ever. I really can’t stop thinking about it. I wish it wasn’t over! I am anxiously awaiting the photos from our photographer but I thought I’d share some photos snapped with phones on Saturday.

It was more than I could have imagined. It was magical (and I don’t use that word). The ceremony was intimate and emotional (I cried a ton, shocker). The reception was a frickin blast. I was so happy to see that our “Get Festive” table was fully embraced by our guests who got decked out in tattoos, face paint, glow necklaces, sunglasses and flower wreaths. We also made the night a little extra magical with some snow in the desert. J and I made our exit after a pool jump (quickly joined by the majority of our guests). I was wet, cold, and barefoot in the rocky dirt, but I was the happiest bitch on the planet.
We are home now and I am back to work. We didn’t book a honeymoon yet but plan to now that all the wedding chaos is over (sad face). Once I get the professional photos I’ll be sure to write some better blog posts to really give you the details of the day. xo JA

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