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Five Facts Friday

Five Facts Friday

It’s Friday! Too bad a.) I have to work tomorrow and b.) I’m sick! :[ I made some homemade chicken noodle soup last night but that did not do the trick. I’m hoping to get lots of rest this weekend because I want to be in top shape for my trip home in less than a week! Which brings me to Five Facts Friday.

1.) When I was 24 I made the move from Michigan to California. I was basically just at that point in my life where I needed a change. I knew if I didn’t move anywhere then, I probably never would.

2.) After literally years and years of contemplating and designing and brainstorming…I still don’t have a tattoo. But I still want a tattoo. Will I ever go through with it? I honestly don’t know.

3.) I want to go back to Hawaii and take more pictures like this. It only took like 47 tries to get it right. (It’s ok, he’s a good kisser.)

4.) I have never felt so motivated and passionate about my business. I’ve always enjoyed what I do but in the past few months this drive has taken over me. It’s the most refreshing feeling.

5.) I make To-Do lists every day. Every day. I get so much satisfaction out of being productive. I guess it’s a good thing but my obsessed list making still makes me feel like a nerd.

I have a really great giveaway for next week! Want a hint? It’s clothing!! And don’t forget to enter this week’s yummy giveaway!

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