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October Sponsor Love

I’m so thankful to have a wonderful group of October sponsors to share with you today! Please stop by and say hello to these lovely ladies, they make this blog possible! xo
Hello, my name is Alessandra Tecla Gerevini. I’m italian and I’m 28. I’m a photographer and a blogger. I work on intimacy, trying to express my feelings, my states of mind, using reality. My pictures are moments lived in this world. You can buy some of them in my brand new etsy shop, or you can just take a look in my website: I hope to inspire you, in same way, and make you feel like I fell, just for a moment.

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I am Violet. I take photos of everything that inspires me- nature, people, little every day things and edit them in a way that conveys my perception of them; experimenting with natural light, colors and texture to express different emotions. That also goes for conceptual, surreal self-portraits and travel photography. Another love of mine is concert photography.

Hello! I’m Amy, owner of Folding Chair Designs. My goal is to create unique and beautiful accessories that don’t involve doilies or rhinestones. I offer affordable accessories that add a simple, lovely touch to your everyday wardrobe.

My name is Georgia and I am a photographer. I live in the beautiful South West of France so am never short of inspiration. I love to travel though so in my shop you will find photos from all over the world.

My name is Lauren Anslee and my husband and I are just two young lovers whose souls belong in the country. Come join me as I share random pieces of our lives full of entertainment and unedited, candid moments.

Hi there! I’m Laura (LC) of The Little Shop of ElleSee. I am currently a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby boy. Both of us are big fans of Winnie the Pooh, and having a good laugh. I have always loved to draw and paint, and started dabbling in photography several years ago. I opened up shop in March to share my passion for the simple and the vibrant.

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Close friends Elizabeth Schricker and Courtney Alexander first met in Brooklyn, NY while attending art school at Pratt Institute. After both landing in Los Angeles, they decided to pool their talents and design a line of jewelry. Their design aims to combine the vibrant colors of the ocean, the skies, and the rich landscapes into a unique piece of modern, elegant jewelry. Oia launched its first collection featuring the stunning vibrant colors of Agate. All of the necklaces are hand crafted using unique and one of a kind stones.

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Hullo! I’m Mable and I’m usually behind a camera, snapping photos you’d see on Happee Monkee. I’m a bit of an adventurer and have travelled from Japan to Norway, London to Cambodia, Hong Kong to Paris. My favourite places in the world is Sweden and Melbourne, where I live with the most wonderful person in the world – my husband. I’m also a writer, food blogger and an occasional designer. There’s a few ways to live life and one, is to surround myself with beauty and positive people. In fact, that’s what I hope to convey through my photos – happiness and beauty <3

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