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Three Grilled Cheese Recipes

Happy National Grilled Cheese month! Today I’m going to help you celebrate it with three nomnom grilled cheese recipes. They are all quite different so at least one of them should tantalize a taste bud or two! I am all for throwing ingredients on some bread in a frying pan and ending up with a gooey, yet crunchy, delicious masterpiece.
Margherita Grilled Cheese
You can’t go wrong with this classic combo!
Mozzarella Cheese
Ok this is amazing. Period.

Mozarella Cheese
Goat Cheese
Pear Gorganzola Grilled Cheese
Interesting sweet twist!
Sliced Pear
Dijon Mustard
Candied Walnuts
(I added dried cranberries too)
Pile ingredients onto a slice of bread and grill that baby in an oiled hot frying pan! I paired them with some tomato basil soup and it made a great lunch for us this weekend! We both tried each recipe. Jordan’s fav is the Margherita and mine is the Green Goddess. What’s yours? :]

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