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DIY Jewelry Holder Tutorial

I have a new jewelry holder tutorial for you today! Up until now I had been using the jewelry holder I made in this post, but I wanted something smaller that I could hang in our bathroom. Ever since I saw this tutorial from The Letter 4 girls I loved the idea of a twig jewelry holder. I found a random twig in our backyard. I was pretty excited because nice twigs are actually hard to come by in our area because we’re pretty surrounded by palm trees.
 What you’ll need:
Super Glue
The size of your hooks will depend on the size of your twig. I would bring it to the hardware store with you when looking for your hooks.
Position your hooks along your twig an even width apart. Once they’re in place put super glue on the backside of each hook to make sure they stay secure.
Wrap your twine around one end of the twig first. Then hold the twig up where you are planning to put it to see how much slack is needed in order to hang it on the nail and come back down to wrap around the twig. Once the twine is wrapped around the other end, secure with super glue. Hang it from a nail and start organizing your jewelry! :]

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