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Upcoming Shows

I am a vendor at three shows this Fall. This is a big deal for me. I have only done two shows in the past three years (yes, fail, I know.) So doing three within ONE month has me nervous.
I jumped into this because I have been wanting to get more involved in the local handmade community. Plus, I figured that since I quit my day job, I’d have more time to brainstorm marketing ideas and stock up inventory. Of course all that justification gets thrown out the window when the time comes to start prepping and I start freaking out.

So, if you are in California you should probably come say hi to me here:
I’m doing my first Queen Bee Market show in Aliso Viejo on Oct. 27th. I have never gone to a QBM show but I have heard great things all over blog land about them. I’m so excited I was accepted as a vendor! Apparently the displays at this show are extra elaborate. While I’m not sure that is my style (I like simple), I’m really looking forward to seeing the creativity in other people’s booths.
I will be at the Culver City and Santa Ana Patchwork shows. And, bonus, my friend Gina, of Acute Designs, will be at the Santa Ana show as well! I have been to Patchwork several times, and was a vendor once. It has always been a great experience and I am looking forward to participating again!

Are you in the area? Mark your calendars and come see me!

For those of you have done several shows in a row, how do you prepare? I’m so nervous! :]

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