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San Francisco Bound

We are leaving for San Francisco tomorrow! I have never been there before but every time I tell some one I’m going there for Memorial Day Weekend they get all “OMG you are?!?! I’m so jealous! You’re so lucky!” Everyone that has been there seems to LOVE it so I’m really excited to get clued in on this San Fran amazingness!


I can’t wait to explore, bike ride over the bridge, take a ton of photos, and most likely…ride a trolley just because! I downloaded the Blogger app on my phone. Has anyone used it? I plan to test it out so I can possibly post photos on the go while I’m there. But the best way to get your photo updates from me this weekend will be Twitter, so feel free to follow! :]

If you have any San Francisco recommendations, please share! I would really like to find some amazing handmade, thrifty and vintage shops!

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