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A Bit of Wedding Planning

Lately I’ve been trying to find balance between work and wedding planning. There’s so much hoopla around wedding planning isn’t there? So much to do, so much to talk about. I’m always trying to figure out something (flowers, favors, dress, linens, invitations…). But I really believe that, despite all the madness that surrounds a wedding, the planning is what you make it.

In general, I am not a very opinionated person when it comes to a lot of things (There are, of course, certain things that I have a very strong opinion on). When it comes to things like…, cake, veils, garters….meh, whatever. This mind-set has made things pretty easy so far.

Last month we spent a night at the venue for our taste testing. It got us both really excited. They grow a lot of their own food right on the property in a large garden, so needless to say, it’s quite tasty. Beyond the food, and the severallll specialty cocktails we tried, it was great to just explore the area more and imagine how it will be on the day of our wedding

We have about three (!!!) months to go and I know things are bound to get crazy. I really just want the day to be here. It is going to be the most incredible, surreal feeling to have all our loved ones from all four corners of the county all together, in one place. Oh man, I’m going to cry the whole damn day, I just know it.

Any tips for keeping things easy-breezy and care-free up until the wedding day? :]

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  • gina says:

    I am similar to you in that I had very little strong opinions about a lot of things. That totally made our wedding stress free. I can see how the time is stressful because there is a lot to plan but really all the little things (like flowers, cake, etc) aren’t that important. You are right to not focus too much on all the hoopla!

  • You’re too cute! Crying all day is fine, but don’t forget to enjoy it too haha! I’m sure everything will turn out great!


  • Kate says:

    You are about to hit wedding crazy town, trust me. I am up to 10 weeks until the wedding and stuff just goes crazy from here. I am the same as you, not too fussed about lots of details or specifics, I just want it to be a nice day for us and our guests. HOWEVER. It’s the people who help you plan the wedding that make a huge deal out of everything. Be warned ;).

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