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Studio Organization

Since moving at the beginning of this year, my studio space has been, dare I say, uninspiring. The spare room of our rental house is white-walled with brown curtains. Oh, and did I mention that it’s small? And that I still have boxes of unpacked things in its closet? Ok, I admitted the worst of it. Now it’s time to do something about it.

Since having a rental has it’s decoration limitations (sad face) I know I’m not going to end up with one of those fancy schmancy studio spaces I drool over on Apartment Therapy. So, I made my goal small. I want to clear our the unnecessary junk from the closet and use that space for craft supply organization. I’ve been searching Pinterest (love) for ideas and it’s getting me so inspired!

I love this idea of painting some peg board for a splash of color!

How great is this?? Shower rack turned supply organizer!
So pretty! Love the paper lined doors.
Definitely trying this tutorial for pretty storage containers.

Look at all that yarn! I really need to add to my collection.
I love the look of these mason jars but I don’t
think they will work best for the supplies I have.
Now doesn’t all that make you want to work on making your craft space a little prettier? It sure inspire me! The first step will be the hardest….cleaning out the closet space. I contemplated posted a “before” photo but I was too embarrassed. ;] Wish me luck!

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