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Coffee Date

Happy Thanksgiving! I didn’t make the trip to Michigan for the holiday, just too much craziness going on with the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Between having a big sale in the shop, and doing my last craft show of the year on Sunday, I chose to stay home. Of course, right now it kind of sucks since I’m so far away from my family. At least we have Skype.

I saw this post from Casey, where she wrote as though she were sitting down for coffee with her readers. I thought that would be a perfect way to post today.

If you were to come over, Penny girl would greet you at the door. I’d tell her to stop jumping on you but she would be too excited to shower you with kisses and get all up in your business.

The Christmas tree would be lit, and Christmas scent candles would be making the little house smell like heaven.

As you’d get comfy on the couch, Penny would continue to walk all over your lap, licking your face off. I’d bring you coffee from the kitchen and tell Penny to “go to her place” so she’ll give you some space.

I would sit down, probably on the floor, and set my mug on the coffee table. I’d tell you that I’m a little sad being alone this Thanksgiving. That I’m thankful to be so busy with work, but when I really focus on it, it’s hard to be alone right now. I’d tell you Skyping with my family makes me more sad than happy because it reminds me how much I miss them.

Right around this time, Penny would give up staying in her “place” and bring you her toy, tail wagging, urging you to throw it. You politely oblige and she darts after it, jumping over my lap in the process. She brings it back, sets it next to your lap, and gives you those puppy dog eyes, until you throw it again.

I’d tell you that I struggle with being personal on my blog. And since I’d be feeling comfortable, I’d probably find myself telling you a few other things I have been struggling with lately. I would feel a little better though, by being able to confide in you.

And when it’s time for you to leave, Penny would follow you to the door and I would say…we should do this again some time. :]

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  • Kiana Bates says:

    This is great 🙂 Now I want to talk to you in person!

  • Aleksandra says:

    Aw, so lovely! My doggy is exactly like that too! And I understand that you miss your family, but there are Xmas holidays almost right here, so i hope you will see them then. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Mar Vicente says:

    This post just made me really want a puppy for Christmas haha. Thanks for the coffee date!

  • I’m sorry you’re alone today 🙁 It sucks being alone on Thanksgiving especially but it’s great that your shop is going so well! Hope Black Friday sales bring your spirits back up.

  • Sounds like a fabulous coffee date. sending you some love to get through this holiday. and hopefully a few glasses of wine to help as well. :]

  • Amei seu blog. Parabéns! Muitas idéias lindas.

  • That is such an inspiring way to write. I totally got sucked into the story. I really felt like we had a date. I love your dog. Thank you for inviting me over.

  • nami says:

    You just made me tear a little. I’m with a small part of my family, so I understand you when you say you’re sad because you miss your family and in the same time, I am thankful at least to have my parents and 2 of my sisters close to me. It would be interesting to play a little bit with your doggie, and I’d love to be able to listen to you. I like reading your blog, and getting to know you as much as you open yourself here, and through your cards. Good luck with your craft show on Sunday and hope you get to see your family as soon as possible… 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Kristal says:

    how have i not found your adorable blog. i love these posts. its so nice to know what it would be like to visit people that you only know through blogs. i love when people are honest and real – those are the best bloggers. 🙂 i’m sorry you are missing your family. its hard during the holidays. just focus on work like you are and turn to this blog. 🙂 newest follower.

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