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My Camera Collection

I’ve been getting questions about what kind of camera(s) I use. It is a very modest camera collection but I’m happy to share what I have right now. (Hoping for more, lots more, in the future!)

My first “real” camera was a Nikon 35mm my parents bought at a used camera store. Aaah this brings me back to my darkroom days. When I started taking photography classes digital cameras were a thing of the future (oh my gosh, am I old?). I watched the photography profession change from film to digital throughout my high school and college years. Experimenting with double exposing negatives in the dark room was definitely the best way for me to earn college credit!
When my photography classes started transitioning from film to digital, I invested in the Canon Rebel. This was back in 2003, so not exactly the same as the Rebel Canon offers now. But it is still the perfect beginner camera for people who want to learn photography. I used this camera for all of my photography assignments in college.
Before our trip to Hawaii I bought a Pentax Waterproof Digital Camera. Amazon has it listed at $200, but I somehow got it for $100 over a year ago. And that baby is still working. We’ve taken it snorkling, we’ve taken it in the pool, we’ve taken it wave jumping. I’d read its reviews, and although it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, it was definitely money well spent in my book.
Fish-Eye lenses are really wide so they are great for hand-held self portraits. Although actual fish-eye lenses are super pricey, this toy camera from Urban Outfitters is extremely affordable and always fun to play with!
I upgraded my Canon Rebel to a Canon 40D a few years ago. I use it to shoot all my product photos and DIY tutorials.
What kind of camera do you use?

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