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Behind the JAA Scenes by Katie

I have a fun new series to start today! (Or potential series, depending on if I can get my friends to go along with it.) Instead of me repeatedly talking about doing orders (since that’s all I’ve been doing lately) I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of the helpers behind the JAA scenes and let them show you JAA through their eyes! 
First up is my main helper! This girl has some mad speedy fingers. Meet Katie:

“An average day at JAA? I walk in being greeted by Penny licking and kissing my entire body, for a solid 10 min. It’s an irresistible amount of love, and I look forward to it every time. Typically, I find Julie cleaning house, while printing, while packaging, while checking orders, while playing with Penny. It’s chaotic, yet great.

A lot of times I spend Monday evenings at JAA, right around The Bachelor / Bachelorette time. We all love this show (regardless of what Jordan may admit too), and I seem to get a lot done while watching the mayhem that occurs each week.

I fold, stuff, and repeat. I will always call this my favorite job, ever. Not only do I get quality time with great friends, but I also get the inside scoop of new card ideas coming to the JAA shop, or even a pre-screening of videos in the works at ETCH. I love seeing all the ideas as they are forming and then all the feedback and success once it hits the public. There is so much creativity flowing through that house.”

What do you think? Is this a fun potential series? I have a post from Jordan lined up next. ;]

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