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DIY Craft Show Fabric Sign (No Sew!)

I am already getting excited for upcoming holidays shows! I have been thinking a lot about my ways to improve my display and make it more festive for the holiday season.

I’ve had my mind on a sort of “table runner sign” to add on top of my current beige table cloth. Upon looking online, I couldn’t find something that was a) exactly what I was envisioning and b) a price I was willing to pay. No worries, it was time to DIY it up! It has been far too long since I got a little crafty.

I chose to make a black sign since it is such a big color in my product and branding. I also thought it would help break up the use of beiges and wood shades that my display is currently made up of. But you can really use any color you would like to match your branding! Here’s what you’ll need:

Fabric paint (color of your choice)
Exacto knife
Fabric – roughly 3 ft by 9 ft (I cheated on this, read below!)
Spray Adhesive (Repositionable kind)

Let’s talk about the fabric for a second. I am not the brightest sewer in the….sewing class? This bitch can’t sew. And the thought of buying cut fabric from JoAnn’s gave me anxiety. So I totally cheated. I bought a single black curtain from Target. Yep. Then I folded the edges of the curtain into the size I wanted and secured that shape using fabric tape. So it’s up to you, how comfortable you are with sewing. I decided this was the easiest route for me and it actually worked out quite well.

To create the stencil I printed my logo out on a large piece of paper. If you don’t have a wide format printer you can get a larger copy of your logo from Staples or Kinkos. Then I used an exacto knife to cut out the letters. Don’t forget to have something underneath the paper that the exacto knife can slice into!

When your stencil is created it’s time to secure it to the fabric using spray adhesive. Following the directions on the spray adhesive can, I sprayed the paper with a single coat and then lightly pressed it onto the fabric. This will allow you to remove the paper from the fabric once we are done using the stencil.

With the stencil in place, I used a foam brush to blot the paint over the stencil. Be careful to move the brush straight up and straight down, not on an angle. Once you have covered the entire stencil, give it a few minutes before removing it from the fabric. I continued to let my fabric lay still and dry overnight.

And there you have it! A custom logo sign made out of a damn curtain. Pretty happy with it if I do say so myself!

How do you make improvements to your booth display? xo JA

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