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Outfit – Earrings: Lyn Jewels, Skirt: Urban, Tank: Target
(I decided the majority of the photos from this shoot were too “boobalicious.” I asked Jordan why he didn’t warn me about this when he was taking my picture. His response? “Why would I?”
It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Lately” post, which I often turn into “outfit” posts. I got these adorable crystal ear studs from Lyn Jewels and thought it was time I show them off! You can get 12% off your order with the code JULIEANN12 until June 30th!
Besides being able to rock (aka: sweat in) cute skirts and tanks thanks to the ridiculous heat wave we just went through, my life has still been a sea of randomness. Lately I’ve been:
– Tying up loose wedding ends (buying parent gifts, writing vows, finalizing timeline, etc. etc.)
– Enjoying our first beach day of the year (thank you ridiculous heat wave).
– Trying to teach Penny how to “speak.” Bitch doesn’t get it.
– Going to cardio barre. Still!! Are you proud of me? I finally feel like it’s becoming a “habit” rather than….torture.
– Taking it easy on the business side of things and trying to remind myself that that’s ok. It’s hard to not feel like you have to constantly be pushing your business. Fears creep in. Fears of being left behind. Fears of losing business. But the thing is, no one can do everything all the time. And wtf, I’m busy getting married, ok? :p
– Getting excited to share a booth at Renegade LA with my dear friend Erika from Rouge and Whimsy. If you’re in the area, put it on your calendars (July 26 + 27) and come see us!
– Counting the days, really. Only 10 more until #thejjwed! ;] We are so excited, I know it’s going to feel so unreal.
What have you been up to lately?

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