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First Craft Show of the Year

My first craft show of the year was on Sunday. Patchwork is such a great show. It was my third time participating and it’s always such a fun time.

I’m always nervous before shows. I worry about forgetting something, or having something go wrong. So from the time I leave my house to the time I get my first sale of the day, I’m most likely a little shaky and trying to calm myself down with some incognito deep breathing. After the first sale happens….well, it’s on.

This show was my best to date. I don’t know if had to do with my booth placement, the show in general, (or my super awesome cards) but my little table was really busy. I was so thankful to have my friend, Isabella, visiting because she was there to help when I needed a break.

I got to see a lot of familiar faces at the show. (Gina, Nat, Nikki, Dave) And lots of laughs! At one point I tried to make a Vine vid of people laughing. But I didn’t want to be a creeper peepin’ over my display with a video camera. It sure brought a smile to my face though.

One of the best parts of the show was meeting one of my readers, Connie. She was the sweetest woman and she said some really great things regarding the struggles I shared last week. It’s funny. I write this blog. I know I have readers. But I guess I don’t think about all the people that I’m sharing my life with. It was really special to have a stranger come up to me and tell me that my hard work was evident, and not to worry about things..

Then when I got home from the show I saw all your supportive comments on my Facebook and Instagram about the show. And J told me how proud he was of me. And it all just sort of hit me. The tears, happy tears, were inevitable. I don’t think I will ever get used to this “job.” And honestly, I don’t want to.

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