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DIY Studded iPhone Case

A while ago I came across this studded iphone case from Threadsence. I thought it was super cute but too expensive. So I put my craftiness to the test and made an attempt at my own.
What you’ll need:
Phone case (I got 2 for $5 on Ebay)
Iron on studs (make sure they have no “legs”)
Krazy glue

I laid out my design first before gluing anything, just to get an idea of how it would look. When I got an idea of where the placement would be I removed all the studs but one to mark the “start.” Using a ruler, I drew a line lightly with a pencil to use as a guide. Time to glue!
Put a small dot of glue directly onto the case, where you’d like the stud to go. Quickly place the stud on top of the glue. I ended up using a manicure stick to get the stud in the correct position as quickly as possible. As soon as I got the placement right I stopped touching it and moved on to the next one.
In order to maintain a straight line of studs, it’s best to take your time. I even took a break after a couple rows because I felt myself starting to rush. Once you have all your studs glued, leave the case alone! No touching for at least 24 hours! This was hard for me because I’m not good with waiting, but I knew I had to let the glue dry completely so they studs would hold as long as possible.
I love my new case! Super easy and super stylin! Good luck. :]

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