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Sponsor Spotlight: Acute Designs

Have you guys met Regina, from Acute Designs, yet? I actually had the pleasure of meeting her for a lunch date last month since we don’t live too far from each other. While I’m always nervous and a bit reserved at first when meeting new people (especially those who I have met through the internet!) Regina showed up and was super personable and talkative. It was really refreshing to meet her and learn that not only do I like her blog, I also like her as a person.

Regina Morrison is a writer, blogger, and designer of hair jewelry, and bridal accessories. She owns a handmade accessories business and blog, both called {Acute Designs}. Stop by for daily handmade business related posts, diy’s, recipes, and much more.

Regina has also teamed up with my girl, Leonora, of Yellow Heart Art to create a Photoshop For Bloggers e-book! If you are looking to improve the photos in your blog posts, or even the photos in your Etsy shop, this user-friendly course is for you!

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