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Hello! I have been missing this space lately. Not that I have something important to say (yet. ahem.), but I have just been thinking recently about the way I used to blog. We have been doing some work on this website lately, which somehow got me lost within my old blog posts. And the comments! It made me miss that community, and also, the sense of accomplishment that running a blog can bring. Not that running a business does not bring on the sense of accomplishment. It surely does. But there is something about the indirect way a blog can effect a business that almost makes the effort put into it more fulfilling. It’s similar to offering free printables in a newsletter (which you can sign up for here by the way), or improving your Pinterest pin photos, or using social media in general. It all is really time consuming and while you hope it will have some positive effect on your business, it doesn’t necessarily give you immediate gratification in the form of dolla dolla bills. It’s a different kind of hustle beyond creating and promoting products and I’m learning just how much all those little extras can make a business grow.

Of course, now is not the easiest time for me to pursue all.the.little.things again because I’m tackling Mother’s Day orders along with less than two weeks to NSS. Less than two week to NSS. Whoa. I feel pretty good though. I can’t even say I feel stressed. Sure, there is a lot to do, and the countdown does make me anxious. But I feel ready. I know this is the right step for JAA, so as nerve wrecking as it is, it’s time!

mailersMy April was a good one. We got out of town twice. Once to Palm Springs, which turned into a friendcation with some good friends. It’s such a special, unique town, I love it there. And we also went to the east coast for some very quality time with both of our families. Also want to mention that I completely aced the flights two and from, maybe I’m finally getting over my fear of flying!

Between the two trips I have been crossing off the last few things on my NSS list. I sent out our pre-show mailers to invite retailers to visit our booth at the show. I kept it simple, within brand, and sent a fun postcard in a kraft envelope. I also placed an order for furniture that will be delivered directly to my booth space at Javits… assuming all goes well. I realized that the date we start setting up the booth is Friday, the 13th. I’ve never been a superstitious person, but seriously?? That freaked me out a bit. I’m also working on creating a last minute freebie to give out at the show. I’ve heard freebies aren’t completely necessary, and definitely not high priority, but I have been wanting to test this product out anyways so I’m making an attempt. Stay tuned for that. ;]


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