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Decorating for Christmas

I’m (already?) getting excited for Christmas. I’m pretty sure I have never been this in the Christmas spirit. I think it’s partially because it’s my first Christmas living with Jordan…and I can’t wait to decorate our house. I already started and I plan to do more over Thanksgiving weekend!
It was a rainy weekend so I took the little Christmas decorations that we have out of the garage, lit some candles, put the She & Him Holiday playlist on Pandora, and started decorating. It was sort of like heaven to my newly Christmas adoring self. Did I mention I was also baking cookies simultaneously? 
We’ve also started a Christmas decoration DIY project or two. And I’ve been trying to incorporate things I already have into holiday-related decor. I found this wooden box at the thrift store a few months ago so I added some pine cones and ornaments to create a festive centerpiece.
And of course Penny girl had to get festive too. These antlers lasted on her head for all of 1.5 seconds.
Have you started decorating yet? I’m hoping I’m not the only person who started before Thanksgiving!

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