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Julie Ann Art

Blog Makeover

So, you may have noticed that my blog got a makeover. (If you view my blog in a reader be sure to click on over to see the new design, and also visit my shiny new October sponsors on the left!) This project was always on the back burner so it took me months of sketching and experimenting. My design concept changed a lot throughout this process until I finally settled on “the one.” I didn’t want to change anything until I was 100% happy with it.
I had two main goals for my redesign:

1.) Bigger photos – I love me some photos. I love me some big photos even more. In my redesign I ensured that the main focus is the content. Having bigger photos will also challenge me to improve my daily life photography.
2.) A cohesive look – The more I developed my card style, the more I felt like my blog didn’t go along with it. I made a goal to design my blog the same way I design my cards, to create a cohesive branding throughout. I think most will agree this design is much more “my style.”
This was a really fun project and I’m happy with the simple, clean result. Let me know what you think! I hope you like it! xo JA

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