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With Christmas over, there is another holiday on my mind. Who am I kidding, it was on my mind before Christmas too. I’m thinking about Valentine’s Day. Now this is not because I’m one of those girls who makes a big deal about the holiday. I don’t expect flowers, I don’t expect chocolate (actually you better not get me chocolate because I have been doing great with my cardio barre classes!). I think about this holiday because it is the busiest season for my Etsy shop.
I look forward to it every year, but this year more than ever because my business in general is doing better than ever. For the past month I’ve been brainstorming, preparing, marketing, designing. I’m ready. And I’m so so excited! Plus, my mom is coming to California for a few weeks in mid-January! Perfect timing for her to help me with orders, right? ;]
I realized that with busy season plus my mom in town (because let’s face it, she can be a handful) I didn’t want to neglect my blog! I’m happy to say I will have some exciting guest posts coming your way throughout January from some of my very favorite bloggers! That way you’ll still have some inspiring Valentine’s Day goodness to take in. ;]

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