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I’m off to Vegas for the weekend. We are visiting our friend who lives there and are going to have some poolside cabana action. This getaway couldn’t have come at a better time.

Outfit Details: Pants: Express, Shirt: ASOS, Shoes: Blowfish,
Ring: c/o My Life in Lavender, Necklace: UO
My life has been pretty stressful lately. Lots of challenges have been popping up at inconvenient times and I’ve just been trying to breathe my way through it. I really do love my life and feel so fortunate for what I’ve been able to accomplish in the last year. But the more I take on, the more challenges I face and I’m still learning how to deal with them in the best way. In this instance, I’m getting outta here! Sometimes you just have to get back into a good mind set, am I right?
So this weekend I plan to step back, relax and come back on Monday with a clear head. I closed my shop.  If I kept my shop open over the weekend I’d be thinking about work every time I got a sale. I’d start getting anxiety about the orders I’d be behind on come Monday. That’s not a vacation. That’s not stepping away. Sometimes you need to completely 100% step away so that you can return feeling fresh and ready to go. I’m already looking forward to feeling that way on Monday.
I hope you have a good weekend! xo JA

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