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My Style: Patterned Tights

Happy Easter! Today I got to get dressed up and enjoy a fancy little brunch with my California family. Lately my favorite dress up outfit includes a patterned dress with patterned tights.

(Tights: Target. Dress: Spotted Moth.)

I’m not sure if I’m breaking fashion rules, or “clashing,” by combining two patterns in one outfit. But in my opinion, adding a bit of texture to your tights makes for a much more interesting, stylish outfit.

(Tights: Nordstrom Rack. Dress: Target.)

I’ve gotten my tights at Target, Nordstrom, Forever 21….etc. You can find a cute pair just about anywhere. ModCloth has an amazing tights collection. Including these, although I have no clue what I could wear them with. Ideas?

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and got to dress up a bit! :] This weekend I’ve also been working on a new product I’m hoping to introduce to you guys soon! It has been a fun challenge and I’m excited to share! Talk soon, JA

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