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I came across this video online, and I wanted to share it because it really hit home for me. I’m the first to admit that I have a bad habit of texting while driving. I know it is bad, I know it is against the law, and I know I need to stop. While knowing how dangerous it is for myself and the people around me, I can’t believe I can still let myself get sucked into checking my e-mail or responding to a text while I’m behind the wheel. It’s shameful, and this is my pledge to quit texting while driving, now. Join me and share this video. xo JA

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  • I’m holding you to it. I don’t think you should even talk on the phone while driving, unless it’s handsfree. It puts everyone else on the road, and you, at great risk. Remember, you are manuevering a 2 ton machine and all it takes is one moment of not paying attention to the road, and you could be in a terrible accident. My nephew’s classmate was killed in an accident right after graduating from high school because she was texting. Too sad for words. If you gotta text or check, pull off the road. OK, stepping off my soapbox now. You can do it!!!

  • Thank you for sharing this.

    2 years ago I was in an accident. A woman merged into me at 60mph because she was texting and not paying attention. I saw her do it. But couldn’t avoid or stop her. My car spun around through the busy freeway and I collided head-first into the median.

    My car was totaled but thankfully I was not. I will however ALWAYS have back pain and not be able to dance, jump, ride rollercoasters or do anything I used to love without INTENSE ACHING pain. I have trouble sleeping every night.

    People really need to understand car accidents aren’t a joke and texts can wait.

  • I was rear ended in the bank drive-thru lane not because the girl was texting but talking on the phone. She knocks my car a car length. Mind you, my car was in park, but my foot was also on the brake. She gets out and tells me “It’s OK because I am talking to my mom!” Ha! No it wasn’t OK!

    So just stop. Speaker phone in emergency but no texting…

    Getting off the soap box now


  • I don’t text while driving, but soooo many of my friends do. I’m always amazed when I get in a car with a friend and they start texting while driving. I’ll joke something like, “Hey! No texting while you have such precious cargo in your passenger seat!” But texting while driving is no joke.

    I posted this to my facebook wall in the hopes that those friends of mine watch it. Thanks so much for sharing this. This has been something I’ve been trying to tell my friends for a long time.

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