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10 Things That Make Me Happy

By May 14, 2013June 19th, 201514 Comments
Today’s May Blogging Challenge topic is “10 Things That Make You Happy.”
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There’s so many things that make me happy.
There’s the obvious stuff (family, friends, my shop)…
So let’s have fun with it, shall we?
Here’s 10, although I could go on forever:
1. Driving with the windows down
2. Wearing dresses
3. Harry Potter
4. Surprises (however I pretend otherwise)
5. Rum and cokes
6. Songs that take me back to a good memory
7. New underwear
8. Long-term friendships
9. Pretty much any furry animal ever
10. Autumn in Michigan

What makes you happy? People? The little things? The big things? Tell me! xo JA

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