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10 Things That Make Me Happy

Today’s May Blogging Challenge topic is “10 Things That Make You Happy.”
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There’s so many things that make me happy.
There’s the obvious stuff (family, friends, my shop)…
So let’s have fun with it, shall we?
Here’s 10, although I could go on forever:
1. Driving with the windows down
2. Wearing dresses
3. Harry Potter
4. Surprises (however I pretend otherwise)
5. Rum and cokes
6. Songs that take me back to a good memory
7. New underwear
8. Long-term friendships
9. Pretty much any furry animal ever
10. Autumn in Michigan

What makes you happy? People? The little things? The big things? Tell me! xo JA

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  • Dani says:

    I thought I saw that you also like guinea pigs….I just did a post about a guinea pig yesterday… 😉

  • this post made me happy. 🙂 loved your pictures and your gorgeous LL necklace! and i loved that Harry Potter has made it to so many happy lists that i’ve read today!

  • Nessa says:

    Wearing dresses makes me happy too, especially because I so rarely do that its always special.
    New underwear.. so random :p

  • I love driving with windows down also.

  • Alyson says:

    I love that most of the blogs I have visited participating in this topic have listed Harry Potter as things that make them very happy:) Makes me happy;)

  • Things that make me happy?

    A new song to love
    New beauty sample to try out for our Beauty Box
    Nail polish
    Sunday mornings–> Sundays are my sleep-in day when I don’t have to get up with the kids 🙂 It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, lol!

  • Erika says:

    new underwear? ha. though, i do like brand-new gym socks. can’t beat the squishy feeling! lol

    other things that make me happy:
    penny vines
    sleeping in
    working out and then enjoying a burger with sweet potato fries and a beer guilt-free!!
    reading in the sunshine
    happy comments
    texts from long-distance friends
    laughing until i cry
    discovering that ONE thing you have been eying is on super sale and it’s in YOUR size.

  • Yanxia Luo says:

    Love those pictures and they make me happy 🙂

  • Jamie S says:

    Driving with the windows down is one of my favorites as well. I always wanted a yellow jeep wrangler like in crazy beautiful/clueless. One day!

  • BCshutterbug says:

    I really like this post. I can relate to a few of them, none more than driving with the windows down…at least until you hit the highway, then it just gets too loud lol.

  • Angie Bailey says:

    Ah!!! I love “Driving with the windows down, Harry Potter, Rum and coke, Songs that take me back to a good memory, New underwear, Pretty much any furry animal ever” and for me, Autumn in Utah! Here is my list!

    1. My wife Jen
    2. Our babies, Wedge, Mau, Jango, Leia, Bastila and Finn
    3. Our family and friends
    4. Paganism
    5. A good cup of warm tea
    6. Being part of a wonderful fandom
    7. A new computer or video game, or an old favorite
    8. Being outside in nature
    9. Blogging
    10. Drawing and writing
    (and home-cooking, grilling and the zoo! …and new clothing, make-up and scents!) I’m done now. 😉

  • what a beautiful dress!
    reminds me that I need to wear more dresses this summer and get away from jeans, jeans, jeans. 🙂


  • gina says:

    autumn in the midwest is pretty amazing :).

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