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Guest Blogger: Yellow Heart Art

To kick off my first guest post during busy season I’m happy to hand the mic (keyboard?) over to my interweb bff, Leonora! She is, frankly, frickin hilarious.

Why hello loves! My name is Leonora from Yellow Heart Art! I make pretty things over here & ramble on and on (and on) about life over here.

((and thats my mug above, clearly I can’t take a good photo))
I love the color mustard yellow, I cry whenever that darn ASPCA commercial with Sarah Mclachlan and the super sad puppies comes on the TV (Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, don’t act like you don’t bee line it for the remote when that shiz pops up–Dear ASPCA, you can have all my money, just stop ruining my day) I’m afraid of heights and will jump in any and all puddles while rockin’ out in my pink and purple argyle rain boots.

When Julie asked if I wanted to guest post for her while she is busy creating valentines (one of her busiest time of the year!) I was all like “homegirl, please, I am so on that like white on rice” “it’s on like donkey kong” “I’ll be there or be squared” (Ok, I really don’t talk like this) (but imagine if I did?) (let’s all bring back these phrases please) (Goal for 2012: rock out early 90s sayings) (cowabunga) (see how easy that way?) (ok, I’m done)

In honor of valentines day I am giving all you lovelies some fah-ree cupcake flag printables! Don’t worry, I know some of you be all like “Valentines day? I’d rather punch myself in the throat–twice–than make pretend to like those chalky conversation hearts full of bad grammar. I mean really, who says ‘luv u bebe’ anyway?”

Well, no fear, we have flags for people who dig the holiday and those of you who un-dig it.

Can’t bring cupcakes to your kids school? No problem! Place these flags around pencils, lollipops or even your fingers (ok, the finger thing was a reachโ€ฆ) (actually that was a real far reach) (lets make pretend that didn’t happen, ok?)

Left click the photo, select the option “view image” and this image will appear in a new window at a bigger size. Just print that bad boy out on 8.5 x 11 paper & get at ’em!

Thanks Julie Ann for having me! Good luck tackling this valentines day season ๐Ÿ™‚

pssst hey, hey you! I think we should be besties.

And besties stalk other besties, so find me at these places:
[shop] [blog] [facebook] [twitter] [pinterest] [myspace] <–ha! so kidding.

P.S. Last day to enter this $50 shop credit giveaway!

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