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Aaahhh, I feel like myself again. Had a pretty long week of work after a crazy weekend (of work) but Thursday, you’re feeling pretty good.

I had a table at the Queen Bee Market on Friday and Saturday. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it was the right audience for me. But I’m learning that the only way to know how you’ll do at a show is to try it out and see how it goes.
I was pleasantly surprised with my QBM experience. I got to hang out with Gina and Ashley, and also met several new (laughing) faces. I’m telling you, watching people laugh is not a tough job.
 (Ashley from The Shine Project)
 (Gina from Acute Designs)
What I really felt at this show in particular was the sense of community. I recognized a lot of the vendors and even bloggers that came to buy. I saw so many people greeting each other like old friends, or heard buyers say things like “I saw you at the last QBM!” There’s a lot of friendships and loyalty that comes with this show.
So, as a new face, it left me feeling excited. I felt accepted and definitely left on a happy note. Till next time QBM. :]

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