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Spooky Eyes Candle DIY

We are having a pumpkin carving party here next week. I’m excited because Fall is always so fun for me but I feel like no one ever has parties to celebrate it. Each year we struggle to find something cool to do on Halloween and most of the time we end up at a bar (where the drunk people confuse J’s tooth costume for a cloud).

J and I always go to the pumpkin patch and carve our own pumpkins together. This year, we’re going to do it in the company of our friends and some spiked apple cider. I was hoping to go all out, prepare a bunch of fancy Pinterest-worthy decorations and foods. But honestly, time is limited lately. I have been gone so much and have various events and responsibilities over the next couple weeks. My plans to deck the house out in Halloween decor may not be in the cards this year.

So far, I have managed the bare minimum. I’ve added spooky spider webs around the house, along with fall garland and various pumpkins. But the bathroom needed a little something something. I decided to create a spooky eyed candle to place on the top of our toilet (to spy on our guests as they do their business??).

What you’ll need:
Candle holder
Tissue paper
Tape or Glue

I traced the entire outside of the candle holder on a piece of tissue paper and cut it out. It looked like a long rectangle. Then I wrapped the rectangle around the outside of the candle holder to get a sense of where the eyes should be drawn.

TIP: If your candle holder has four sides like mine, I recommend drawing the eyes on the side next to the side where the tissue paper will be taped/glued together. Initially, I drew the eyes directly across from where the paper would be sealed (think eyes in the front, seem in the back) but since you have to place the eyes towards the wall to create the spooky effect the seam would be what is facing the viewer.

I drew the eyes onto the tissue paper while I was holding it in place around the candle holder, and then cut them out. Then I wrapped the tissue paper around the candle holder and held it with tape. You’re welcome to use glue but I opted for the easier route since the seal (on the side) will not be facing the viewer.

I made this in all of five minutes. It was really easy and creates a subtle sense of Halloween to a dark room.

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