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Julie Ann Art

Speaking at Blogging for Makers

Well. I did it ya’ll! I faced my fear of speaking in front of people and delivered my speech at Blogging for Makers this past weekend. And actually, I think it went pretty well!

A couple weeks leading up to the event I wrote my speech and started practicing. I recorded myself. I even sent a sample video to a couple friends to get their feedback. I knew that the more I practiced, the more prepared I would feel. And therefore, the less nervous I would be when the time came to get up in front of those people!

It also helped that I was part of a panel that spoke right before I was supposed to speak solo. So I was already up there, and was able to get used to multiple sets of eyes in my general direction.

The time I spent speaking is kind of a blur but I know it probably involved a lot of hand gesturing and possibly some pacing. And, yes, the occasional swearing. Like I said, I feel good about it, and I really hope that the event’s attendees did too.

I think that a lot of my nerves stem from self-doubt. “People won’t like what I have to say.” “They won’t learn anything from little old me.” Taking the opportunity to do this really challenged myself to stop thinking this way. It reminded me that I should be more confident in myself and what I have to offer people. That in itself made doing it all worth it. I would totally speak at an event again (ya hear that, SNAP?) ;]

This week I have been preparing for Renegade LA! Always a great show so I’m looking forward to it. Locals, will I see you there?? Hope so! xo JA

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